War Whores

War Whores, The Courtyard Theatre

War Whores tells the story of two rival soldiers, trapped in a demilitarized zone whilst an imprisoned kid is being held by one of them. After years of indoctrination to hate and fear from each other they have no other way but talking and listening. Gradually we learn the background for this disturbing situation by watching the two soldiers negotiate over the kid’s head ‘hiding’ behind their guns. The soldiers wait to be rescued by their armies but instead they are being manipulated by external forces represented by five characters: A Voice of a girl on the radio, The Whore, The Ambassador, The Reporter and The mother of the stabbed soldier.

It is a provocative yet poetic account of a vicious war based on real testimonials by Israelis and Palestinians. Without using any literal names or places, the play enables the audience to have a meaningful experience communicated using allegory to sooth the condensed and dramatic nature of the play. Performed by seven international actors, the characters remain anonymous while they are named after the role they play on stage. This is in order to represent their actions as universal.

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Or Ben-Ezra, From Hebrew: Chen Zausmer, Iffy Mizrahy, Zohar Ben-Ezra
Or Ben-Ezra
Cast list:
Avi Tidhar, Oliver Hawick, Luke Hearfield, Liraz Chamami, Nigel Langley, Hattie Seaton, Madison Clare, Rosaline Elbay

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