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Park Theatre, Finsbury Park
What Shadows
Park Theatre, Finsbury Park
Our Review 3 / 5

“I was a storm. I was also a man entirely alone in a storm. There were forces beyond my control and I was one of them." 

Enoch Powell's Rivers of Blood speech was the most polarising political speech of the last 50 years.

Oxford academic and daughter of a Caribbean immigrant, Rose Cruickshank wants answers. Enoch's controversial words about immigration shattered her childhood. Rose cannot find inner peace until she understands what led him to make the speech that defined a generation. Will a meeting with the man himself give her the answers she desperately craves?

Roxana Silbert (Artistic Director, Birmingham Repertory Theatre), directs Ian McDiarmid (The Star Wars films, Merchant of Venice, Life of Galileo) as one of the most provocative figures in recent history.

Previews from |
27th September 2017
Opening date |
3rd October 2017
Booking from |
2nd June 2020
Available until |
28th October 2018
Closes |
28th October 2018
Run time |
2 hours 15 minutes

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Park Theatre, Clifton Terrace, Finsbury Park, London, N4 3JP
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020 7870 6876
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Finsbury Park

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Our Review of What Shadows


Another day, another play about real-life politics. But unlike the turbo-charged plays of James Graham, who has made great theatrical capital out of showing the functioning of a minority Labour government clinging to power in the 70s (This House) and now a history of the Labour Party across the last quarter of a century (Labour of Love), Chris Hannan's What Shadows is a more sedate, endlessly discursive revisiting of the reactionary politics of Midlands MP Enoch Powell. Read more

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