Yes, Prime Minister

As British troops are now out of Iraq and the war in Afghanistan is winding down, the focus has shifted towards Prime Minister Jim Hacker’s desperate fight to avoid Sarkozy's fate as he battles the Europeans over greater austerity, the collapsing euro, assassinations by drones and serious diplomatic misbehaviour influenced by Silvio Berlusconi and Dominique Strauss Kahn. Sir Humphrey is in favour of greater austerity for ordinary people but not for senior civil servants.

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Jonathan Lynn and Antony Jay
Jonathan Lynn

Trafalgar Studio One

14 Whitehall, London, SW1A 2DY
Nearest tube:
Charing Cross

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Our Yes, Prime Minister Review

I saw this play back in September last year at the Gielgud. It's now moved along the road to the Apollo Theatre for another, well-deserved run. It's based on the highly successful TV sitcom which was originally entitled 'Yes, Minister'. As the series matured and developed, the minister concerned, Jim Hacker, became Prime Minister, and the title changed in line with the minister's new office.... Read more

We may elect our politicians every few years, but what they get up to once in office is to some extent a mystery, and it certainly may not be what they told us they would do when they asked us to vote for them. In government, politicians are aided and abetted by the unelected Civil Service, a self-perpetuating workforce who owe allegiance only to the current government, and themselves. It's... Read more

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