UK Premiere of MilkMilkLemonade at the Ovalhouse

Arch 468 and Ovalhouse present the UK premiere of Joshua Conkel’s US cult comedy MilkMilkLemonade at the Ovalhouse in Kennington, south London, from 8 to 25 October 2014, with an official opening on 10 October 2014.

Described as a "bittersilly gender-bending comedy about growing up a bit weird", the piece achieved cult status in the USA after its New York premiere, receiving more than fifty productions nationwide and winning the New York Press award for Best Off Off Broadway Show in 2009.

"Emory and Linda are best friends. They spend their time choreographing dance numbers to earn them fame and fortune on Reach For The Stars. The only problem is Linda’s a chicken and they live on a chicken processing farm. Emory's chain-smoking Nanna wants him to get his head out of the clouds and make friends with Elliot, the boy down the road with a penchant for burning things. But Emory and Elliot already have a relationship -- just not one Nanna would expect or approve of."

The cast for the production includes Georgia Buchanan, Laura Evelyn, Benedict Hopper, Sophie Steer, and Daniel Francis-Swaby, and in accordance with the playwright’s instructions, all roles have been cast without regard to the gender or ethnicity of the performers, making a powerful statement about identity in performance.

MilkMilkLemonade is directed by Rebecca Atkinson-Lord and features designs by James Turner, lighting design by Christopher Nairne, choreography by Mark Iles and sound design by Edward Lewis.

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