'Wishmas' review – festive fun for the whole family this Christmas

Read our five-star review of Wishmas: A Fantastical Christmas Adventure, now in performances at The Old Bauble Factory to 7 January.

Kate Riley
Kate Riley

If you're seeking an extraordinary festive adventure for the whole family this winter, look no further than Wishmas: A Fantastical Christmas Adventure. The new immersive experience is currently gracing The Old Bauble Factory beneath Waterloo Station for eight weeks this Christmas, with audiences invited to step into a winter wonderland where wishes come alive and the magic of the season unfolds.

From the moment you cross the threshold, The Old Bauble Factory transports you into a world of jingling sleigh bells, twinkling lights, and irresistible festive aromas, setting the stage for a truly delightful experience. The attention to detail in creating a Christmas ambience is impeccable, immersing visitors in the holiday spirit from the outset.

Wishmas is brought to life by a stellar cast of live actors playing the 'Wishkeepers.' Teaming up with the Wishmas Robins, these characters are on a mission to ensure the safe delivery of every Christmas wish to Father Christmas. The narrative unfolds aboard the Wishmas Train, an ordinary-looking locomotive with a magical ability to fly. Thanks to the use of cutting-edge technology provided by LG's OLED and T-OLED screens, participants are treated to a breathtaking journey over London's iconic landmarks and the mesmerising Northern Lights.

The creative team, led by creative director Elgiva Field, has meticulously designed each room to captivate the senses. Impressive lighting, evocative sound effects, and Christmas-scented atmospheres contribute to the immersive experience. The transition areas between rooms are equally exciting, with signposts teasing intriguing destinations like the Sleigh Depot, Mince Pie Bakery, and Beard Spa.

Throughout the adventure, audience members actively participate in the mission to save Christmas. Interactive tasks and cleverly designed rooms keep everyone engaged, making everyone in your group an integral part of the story. The level of detail in every aspect of the experience ensures that there's always something magical to discover.

As the main story concludes, the Wishmas Market awaits, offering delightful snacks and drinks, including treats from premium partners Fortnum & Mason and Pip Organic. For those with Meet & Greet tickets, the experience extends with a private audience with Father Christmas, a keepsake photo, and a special gift.

Crafting your own bauble at The Old Bauble Factory adds a personal touch to the festive memories for Meet and Greet ticket holders and those with the Full Wishmas Experience. After all, visiting The Old Bauble Factory without taking home a souvenir bauble would be unimaginable! With an array of holiday-themed items to choose from, you can personalise and design your bauble in any way your heart desires.

This immersive journey, conceived by the masterminds behind Secret Cinema, will undoubtedly become a seasonal favourite for families looking to create magical memories together. With its engaging storytelling, impressive design, and immersive aspects, Wishmas is a must-visit for families seeking a magic holiday adventure.

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Photo credit: Wishmas. (Photos by Matt Crockett)

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