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Kristin Scott Thomas in The Hand of God (Photo by Zac Nicholson)
Kristin Scott Thomas and Rochenda Sandall shock and disturb in ‘Talking Heads’
Alan Bennett’s monologue series Talking Heads is ingeniously booby-trapped. It may look, at first glance, a little safe: all teapots, cosy, unflattering knitwear, and well-kept, conventional suburbia... Read more
Lesley Manville in The Bed Among the Lentils at The Bridge Theatre (Photo by Zac Nicholson)
Monica Dolan and Lesley Manville deliver tour-de-force performances in ‘Talking Heads’
Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads monologues, which chronicle the quiet turmoil of lives behind ordinary suburban front doors, have been on an extraordinary journey. They made landmark TV when they first... Read more
Photo credit: Craig Hamilton and Lucinda Turner (Photo by Mark Senior)
‘The Great Gatsby’ is back as an art-deco ‘sensory overload’
Nearly a year into this decade and it’s fair to say life isn’t exactly as "roaring" as we may have wanted. So, to get gladrags on, clink glasses and be a guest of Jay Gatsby’s latest party was a much... Read more
Yolanda Mercy in Quarter Life Crisis (Photo by Helen Murray)
Yolanda Mercy shines in 'Quarter Life Crisis,' a charming coming-of-age story
Quarter Life Crisis, Yolanda Mercy’s hit one woman show, initially staged at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2017 and now been remounted for the Bridge’s current repertory season, is a charmingly performed,... Read more
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