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The ensemble of 'After Life' (Photo by Johan Persson)
'After Life' attempts to bring clarity to death in a grand-yet-inconsistent production
What is the one memory you would like to take from your mortal life into the beyond? This is the question that Jack Thorne’s latest play After Life poses for its audience and its characters, as the... Read more
Photo credit: The Death of a Black Man (Photo by Marc Brenner)
'The Death of a Black Man' is just as relevant today as when the play premiered
The Death of a Black Man is a wild ride of a play. It confronts you with the racial politics of the 1970s as well as the pertinent economic, gender, and class divisions of the time, which at moments... Read more
Photo credit: Audrey Brisson in Amélie (Photo by Pamela Raith)
'Amélie' is undeniably romantic and filled with pockets of unexpected magic
The fear going into Craig Lucas’s musical adaptation of Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s now-iconic 2001 film is that the whimsicality of the original might calcify into an unbearable, teeth-rotting level of... Read more
Lydia Wilson and Gemma Arterton in 'Walden' (Photo by Johan Persson)
Sci-fi drama ‘Walden’ is topical, futuristic, and a bit overly ambitious
There’s a moment early in Amy Berryman’s new play Walden when NASA botanist Cassie (a stoic Lydia Wilson) enters wearing a plastic face covering that looks like a mix between an oxygen mask and the... Read more
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