Theatre Interviews with Top West End Stars

Check out our London Theatre Guide Interviews section and hear from some of the best performers and creatives in the London theatre industry! Enjoy exclusive interviews with cast and production staff for the shows currently playing in the West End, and get a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes of your favourite plays, and musicals.

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Liisi LaFontaine
Liisi LaFontaine never thought she would do musical theatre professionally. The Los Angeles native grew up in the shadow of Hollywood, where film and television rule, and she always gravitated toward... Read more
Ria Jones
Watch the news at the moment and it’s like seeing a farce unfold. There's exaggerated stories, nobody trusts each other, and everyone shakes their heads in disbelief. But what if crazy turns of... Read more
Simon Lipkin
Typically, performers spend weeks in rehearsals, developing scenes and memorising their lines. But what happens when that time frame is drastically reduced? Simon Lipkin found himself with limited... Read more
Dino Fetscher
As soon as Dino Fetscher went on one of his first vacations post-lockdown, he scored an audition for The Normal Heart at The National Theatre, a play he had read in drama school and is very close to... Read more
Thomas Schumacher
Thomas Schumacher, the longtime president of Disney Theatrical Group, isn’t scared of making big changes – whether its adding a song to a time-tested musical, testing a show in a new international... Read more
Nathaniel Parker
Nathaniel Parker could well classify as the British theatre’s leading history boy – or shall we say man. He played the onetime prime minister Gordon Brown on the West End in The Audience; was the... Read more
Patsy Ferran and Luke Thallon
Patsy Ferran and Luke Thallon formed their own bubble while rehearsing for Camp Siegfried at The Old Vic. Although the actors had done some work on the new Bess Wohl play virtually, the nature of the... Read more
Lucy St. Louis
You could say that Lucy St. Louis manifested playing Christine Daaé in The Phantom of the Opera. Since she was a little girl, she trained in ballet and was taught how to sing by an opera teacher. Now... Read more
Rachael Wooding
Rachael Wooding had spent 16 months away from Pretty Woman: The Musical before theatres reopened this summer. Pretty Woman played at the Piccadilly Theatre for a month from February 2020 before... Read more
Luke Brady
Luke Brady had barely opened in the starring role of Moses in The Prince of Egypt before the Stephen Schwartz musical epic at the Dominion Theatre, directed by the composer’s son Scott, was shuttered... Read more


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