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Watch world-class operas and be introduced to an enchanting musical world. Get opera tickets in London on London Theatre.
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London is renowned for showcasing world-class operas. Audiences can watch breathtaking productions at the Royal Opera House and the London Coliseum all year round. Whether you’re an English National Opera aficionado, or you’re looking for an introduction to this world, you’ll be sure to find opera shows in London to suit you.

Instead of seeing West End musicals and plays, try a new art form and discover the best of opera in London. From the faithful adaptations of classic works, all the way to modern interpretations, there’s something for every opera fan or newcomer. Oftentimes, operas and ballets will go hand in hand, so why not watch excellent dancing and hear beautiful singing at the same time. Experience the beauty and drama of this timeless art form. Browse through our selection of London opera tickets and hear incredible vocal performances. Get opera tickets on London Theatre.

Frequently asked questions

What is opera?

Opera is a type of musical entertainment featuring soaring singers and musicians. Traditionally, operas are performed in grand opera houses and are written in a variety of languages, including Italian, French, English, and German. They feature a classical, symphonic style of music and singing.

What are the best places to see opera in London?

Two of the most famous opera venues in London are the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, where the Royal Opera company performs, and the London Coliseum in Westminster, where the English National Opera performs. Other famous venues, like Royal Albert Hall in South Kensington, also host operas from time to time.

Where is the opera house in London?

London has multiple opera houses. The two major ones are the Royal Opera House in the Covent Garden neighborhood, located off the Covent Garden tube stop; and the London Coliseum in the Westminster borough, located off the Westminster tube stop.

Is there a dress code for opera shows in London?

London's opera houses don't have a dress code. People often associate operas with formal wear, and that's certainly welcomed, especially if your visit to the opera is a special or rare occasion. But the most important thing is to wear something you'll be comfortable sitting in for a few hours.

What is an opera vs. a musical?

Operas are entirely sung-through, whereas most musicals often have spoken scenes in between the songs. Some musicals are also sung-through, but musicals are written in a diverse array of classic and modern musical styles, while operas are generally written and performed in a classical style.

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