2:22 A Ghost Story

Noel Coward Theatre, London
2:22 A Ghost Story
Noel Coward Theatre, London
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A spine-tingling new tale is coming to the West End — see it if you dare! In this supernatural thriller, something otherworldly happens every night at 2:22am. Do you believe the dead can return? Test your courage. 2:22 A Ghost Story tickets will be available on London Theatre soon. 

British theatre has an impressive heritage when it comes to scary stories, so the 2:22 A Ghost Story play follows a fine tradition. The most famous example is Susan Hill’s The Woman in Black, which Stephen Mallatratt adapted for stage in 1987, and which has been performed in London since 1989 — making it the second-longest-running play in West End history. We’ve also had theatrical chillers like The Exorcist, Ghost Stories, Variant 31, Witness for the Prosecution, and Frankenstein.

Now hitting the West End is 2:22 A Ghost Story, written by Danny Robins. Robins has form in this area: he created the BBC series Young Dracula and two spook-tastic podcasts, Haunted and The Battersea Poltergeist. Haunted examines real-life experiences, from a racetrack where drivers are seemingly reanimated to parents who were convinced that a ghost was trying to kill their baby daughter, while The Battersea Poltergeist blends drama and documentary to investigate one of Britain’s strangest and most disturbing hauntings.

Robins’ new work sounds equally intriguing. Jenny and Sam have moved into a new house and she’s convinced that it’s haunted. They argue about whether or not ghosts exist with their first dinner guests — and all four decide to stay up until 2:22am to confront the unknown. The premiere of 2:22 A Ghost Story at London’s Noel Coward Theatre will star singer and actress Lily Allen, making her West End debut, alongside Hadley Fraser (Les Misérables), Julia Chan (Katy Keene) and Jake Wood (EastEnders), directed by Matthew Dunster (Hangmen).

Don’t miss out on this new theatrical thrill ride. Tickets for 2:22 A Ghost Story in the West End will be available on London Theatre soon.

Previews from |
3rd August 2021
Opening date |
12th August 2021
Closes |
16th October 2021
Categories |
Lily Allen
Lily Allen
as Jenny

until 16 Oct 2021

Danny Robins
Matthew Dunster
Cast list:
Lily Allen, Hadley Fraser, Julia Chan, Jake Wood

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Noel Coward Theatre, 85-88 St Martin's Lane, London, WC2N 4AU
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Leicester Square

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Our Review of 2:22 A Ghost Story


Lily Allen shrieks before she even says a word in 2:22: A Ghost Story, which tips you off immediately as to the way Danny Robins’s debut West End play is due to proceed. But the name-grabbing debut on view is, of course, singer-songwriter Allen, who was due some years back to be penning a major musical of Bridget Jones’s Diary from which she parted company along the way. Read more

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Photo credit: Lily Allen (Photo by Matthew Murphy)
Lily Allen to make West End debut in ‘2:22 - A Ghost Story’
Thursday, 10 June, 2021, 10:16
The multi-award-winning singer Lily Allen will make her West End debut in 2:22 - A Ghost Story this summer. It’s a West End debut for playwright Danny Robins too, with 2:22 - A Ghost Story at the Noel Coward Theatre from 3 August - 16 October. Lily Allen will play Jenny, a woman who has just moved into a new home with her husband Sam. Shortly after moving in, Jenny believes the house is haunted, inviting friends Lauren and Ben for a dinner party to get in touch with the...
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