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I, Joan | Globe Tickets

I, Joan | Globe Tickets

25 Aug 2022 - 22 Oct 2022

I, Joan | Globe Information

Reimagine Joan of Arc's battle cries and discover their journey to becoming a fearsome leader in I, Joan at Shakespeare’s Globe. I, Joan tickets are available on London Theatre now.

The I, Joan play recounts the leader's fight and courage during the Hundreds Year War. As Joan sees men battling everywhere, they request a meeting with Charles VII. While in the meeting, Joan states they have received visions from saints and angels instructing them that they must lead the fight to save France from English rule.

They may be young, poor, and female, but Joan of Arc sparks a revolution which ultimately saves their nation. Even though they were dismissed at the time, centuries later, Joan of Arc is now considered a French martyr and a national symbol of courage and heroism. They posthumously received secondary patron saint of France status in 1922.

Charlie Josephine brings Joan of Arc’s story to life in a 21st-century manner. Their previous work, Bitch Boxer, follows a young woman who fights her way for a spot on the London 2012 Olympics team. They're no stranger to putting female stories front and centre, so expect an equally hard-hitting tale, albeit now it’s a story about a 15th-century feminist.

Ilinca Radulian directs the I, Joan London premiere at Shakespeare’s Globe. I, Joan is the final play to premiere in the Shakespeare’s Globe summer 2022 season, and is the only non-Shakespeare play in the season. Could I, Joan follow in the footsteps of Emilia, an all-female production which highlighted contributions of Shakespeare’s contemporaries to the English language?

Tickets to I, Joan are available now on London Theatre. Book your I, Joan tickets on London Theatre today.

Run time

Approx 3 hours including interval.

Opening date

August 25th, 2022

Closing date

October 22nd, 2022




We do not have age limits on our production. Some of Shakespeare’s Plays explore scenes which some children may find upsetting.

Cast and creative

By: Charlie Josephine
Director: Ilinca Radulian
Cast list: Isobel Thom, Jolyon Coy, Janet Etuk, Adam Gillen, Debbie Korley, Jonah Russell, Esmonde Cole, Natasha Cottriall, Debbie Korley, Kevin McMonagle, Baker Mukasa, Anna Savva
Choreography: Jennifer Jackson
Set: Naomi Kuyck-Cohen
Costume: Laura Rushton

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