Good Canary

Rose Theatre Kingston, Kingston
Good Canary
Rose Theatre Kingston, Kingston
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Directed by John Malkovich

Award-winning actor and director John Malkovich makes his London theatre directing debut in this English speaking premiere of Zach Helm’s gripping play Good Canary. Malkovich’s previous productions of the play enjoyed sell-out performances in Mexico City and Paris, where it was nominated for six French Moliere Awards, winning for Best Director and Best Design.

Following rave reviews for his first novel, Jack is on the verge of signing a multi-million-dollar deal with a leading publisher. With his wife Annie struggling with addiction and mental illness, will she cope with the public scrutiny that comes with success?

Set in New York, this hard-hitting and darkly witty play explores the spiral of self-destruction and the cost of creativity.

Californian writer Zach Helm has spent years honing his craft in Hollywood and establishing himself as one of the most interesting and promising writers and directors of his generation. His work includes Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, Stranger Than Fiction starring Will Ferrell and Dustin Hoffman, and the forthcoming Jumanji.

Oscar Award nominee John Malkovich’s extensive film career includes Places in the Heart, Dangerous Liaisons, In the Line of Fire, Being John Malkovich and Burn After Reading. His Broadway directing credits include Arms and the Man in which he also performed and The Caretaker.

Presented by Rose Theatre Kingston and Mihara Donegan Productions Ltd.

Please note: This production contains strong language, drug and sex references.

Previews from |
16th September 2016
Booking from |
8th October 2016
Available until |
8th October 2016
Closes |
8th October 2016
16+ due to strong language and references to drugs and sex.
Zach Helm
Rose Theatre Kingston and Mihara Donegan Productions Ltd.
John Malkovich
Malcom Rippeth
Pierre-Francois Limbosch
Cast list:
Freyer Mavor, Harry Lloyd, Ilan Goodman, Simon Wilson, Steve John Shepherd, Sally Rogers and Michael Simkins.

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Rose Theatre Kingston, 24-26 High Street, Kingston, London, KT1 1HL
Venue Box Office:
020 8174 0090

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Our Review of Good Canary


Plays about addiction and the effects substance abuse has on both mental health and relationships certainly seem to be in vogue. Nowhere was this idea more astutely and triumphantly realised than in the National Theatre's production of Duncan Macmillan's People Places and Things, a play that utilised its entire scenography to create a powerful and harrowing exploration of how addiction can affect the lives of so many people. Read more

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