Olivier Theatre, National, London
Olivier Theatre, National, London

Deep in the wood, a lonely fairy longs for someone to bless.

When she is summoned to the palace to help the princess sleep, her dream turns into a nightmare and her blessing becomes a curse.

Soon, she is plunged into a frantic, hundred-year quest to somehow make everything right.

Rosalie Craig plays the fairy in this vividly original retelling of Sleeping Beauty: a mythic, big-hearted new musical that goes beyond the waking kiss.

Previews from |
4th December 2021
Opening date |
15th December 2021
Closes |
22nd January 2022
Categories |
Rosalie Craig
Rosalie Craig
as Fairy

4 Dec 2021 to 22 Jan 2022

Tanya Ronder
Rufus Norris
Songs by:
Jim Fortune and Rufus Norris
Paul Anderson
Simon Baker
Jade Hackett with consultant choreography by Bill Deamer
Cast list:
Rosalie Craig, Tamsin Carroll, Kat Ronney, Michael Elcock, Esme Bacalla-Hayes, Madeline Charlemagne, Tamsin Dowsett, Eleanor Kane and Daisy Maywood.

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Olivier Theatre, National, South Bank, London, SE1 9PX
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