Waiting for Godot

Arts Theatre, London
Waiting for Godot
Arts Theatre, London
Our Review 4 / 5

Two tramps, Didi and Gogo wait on a country road by a tree for a man named Godot. They don’t know what he looks like or when they were supposed to meet. They don’t know what they asked him for or what he will do when he gets there. All they know is that when Godot arrives they will be saved. If he doesn’t arrive they have to come back tomorrow and wait again.

So begins and ends Samuel Beckett’s masterpiece. Arguably the greatest play of the 20th century. Didi and Gogo pass the time by playing games, arguing and questioning why they are waiting. Pozzo, a landowner arrives with his slave Lucky who he is bringing to the fair to sell. They pass the time. Pozzo and Lucky leave. A boy arrives and tells them Godot won’t come today but surely tomorrow. They wait.

Previews from |
5th September 2017
Opening date |
7th September 2017
Booking from |
23rd September 2017
Available until |
23rd September 2017
Run time |
2 hours 10 minutes
Categories |
Samuel Beckett
ABA Productions
Peter Reid
Cast list:
Patrick O'Donnell, Paul Kealyn, Nick Devlin, Conor Donelan

Arts Theatre Venue Information

Arts Theatre, 6-7 Great Newport Street, London, WC2H 7JB
Nearest tube:
Leicester Square

Customer reviews

Our Review of Waiting for Godot


​Well, it “passed the time”… That was my final thought as the curtain fell on Waiting For Godot at the Arts Theatre and I believe it’s exactly what Samuel Beckett intended. Met with hecklers and outraged reviews, this tragicomedy was said to have changed the rules of theatre when it made its English language debut at the same theatre 62 years ago. Today, there were no hecklers and, so far, no outraged reviews.  Read more

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