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Natalie McQueen

Natalie McQueen: I'm playing Dolly Parton's character on 9 to 5, but putting my own spin on it

Will Longman
Will Longman

There's pressure when any performer takes to the stage in a major musical in the West End, that comes with the territory. But it's surely amplified when you're playing a role made famous by the legend whose name is above the door, in the musical titled after her biggest hit?

It doesn't bother Natalie McQueen. She's currently playing Doralee Rhodes in 9 to 5 the Musical, the role Dolly Parton played in the 1980 hit movie, and, while she's been paying close attention to the way Dolly walks and talks, she'll be sure to put her own spin in the character.

She stars alongside Caroline Sheen and Amber Davies as a trio of office workers united over a shared hatred for their misogynistic boss, Franklin Hart Jr.

During rehearsals, we spoke to McQueen as she prepared to open in the show, which is currently in previews at the Savoy Theatre.

9 to 5 the Musical is at the Savoy Theatre until 31st August 2019.

9 to 5 the Musical tickets are available now.


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