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The Twilight Zone

Video: Why does The Twilight Zone make such a good stage play?

The Twilight Zone

Transferring to the West End from the Almeida Theatre, Anne Washburn's stage adaptation of the seminal creepy TV series The Twlilight Zone is inviting audiences to step into the beyond in her spine-tingling new play. 

Washburn has taken eight narratives from some of the series' most memorable episodes, and weaved them into one sweeping narrative designed to confuse, challenge and chill its audience. 

With Rod Serling's show about to undergo the reboot treatment with a new series led by Jordan Peele airing on CBS from 1st April, so while there's still clearly an appetite for the weird and wonderful, how well does translate onto the stage?

We met actors Oliver Alvin-Wilson, Adrianna Bertola, Neil Haigh and Alisha Baily who star in the show to ask them about their favourite episodes, how they pull off some of their subtle stunts, and why this production retains the charm of the original series. 

The Twilight Zone is at the Ambassadors Theatre until 1st June.

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