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Olivier-nominated immersive show ‘Alice’s Adventure Underground’ to return to London

Fall down the rabbit hole!

Sophie Thomas
Sophie Thomas

See through the looking glass at Alice’s Adventures Underground in London. Alice’s Adventure Underground begins at Labyrinth Waterloo on 30 November, with tickets on sale to 30 Apr. 2023. Book Alice’s Adventures Underground tickets on London Theatre.

Les Enfants Terribles’s Alice’s Adventures Underground premiered at The Vaults in 2015 and earned an Olivier Award nomination for Best Entertainment and Family. During the 90-minute show, audiences find their own wonderland through live music, circus and puppets.

Alice’s Adventures Underground will take place at Labyrinth Waterloo, the first venue from new company, Labyrinth. Labyrinth Waterloo includes a restaurant named The Rosarium and a bar named Underland.

Oliver Lansley and Anthony Spargo write Alice’s Adventures Underground. Oliver Lansley and James Seager direct, with design by Sam Wyer.

Book Alice’s Adventures Underground tickets on London Theatre.

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Photo credit: The Rosarium (Photo courtesy of production)

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