Cameron Mackintosh announces major renovations to five West End theatres

Delfont Mackintosh Theatres has announced that it is to continue restoration works to all but two of its West End theatres in the coming years.

The work will see playhouses owned by the company – Novello, Queen’s, Gielgud, Noel Coward and Wyndham’s – will close for a period of between two to four months over the course of the next three years.

The Prince of Wales and Prince Edward have had major works undertaken in the last 15 years, and the Victoria Palace was renovated prior to last year’s opening of Hamilton, and so they won’t require closure.

This will mean that the West End production of Les Miserables, which is currently in its 33rd year in the London, will require arrangements to continue running with minimal disruption to the production. Plans are set to be announced in the autumn.

Wnydham's Theatre
Wyndham's will be the first theatre to undergo work

Work will begin next month on the Wyndham’s, following the closure of Red and opening of The Height of the Storm, followed by work on the Noel Coward and Gielgud in 2019 and the Queen’s Theatre over 2019/20.

Work to the Novello can be completed without any disruption to performances, as 50% of the work has already been completed.

On the works, Cameron Mackintosh said: “Having just completed the hugely rewarding but very expensive restoration of the Victoria Palace, news of the timing of these works which are necessary to ensure that my other theatres will be in tip top condition for actors, producers and audiences, long after the final curtain has dropped on me, was not the most welcome.

“There are major financial consequences, not just the considerable cost of the capital works, but the knock on costs of closing these theatres for several months will run into many millions of pounds.

“However, I love these buildings and luckily my success as a Producer has given me the resources to preserve their life for another 100 years - so that the show can go on and on and on.”

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