Everything you need to know about Secret Cinema

Find out more about Secret Cinema film events in London and beyond, and discover why you need to experience a state-of-the-art Secret Cinema immersive show.

Sophie Thomas
Sophie Thomas

Ever wished you could step inside a film and meet your favourite characters in real life? Now you can. Well, the biggest blockbuster can now become a reality thanks to Secret Cinema. At Secret Cinema events, audiences are invited (and encouraged!) to dress as film characters and relive well-known movie moments.

Secret Cinema events change on a regular basis and only run for a couple of months at a time. So if you want to take part in a Secret Cinema experience and find out what takes place through the curtain, you need to book tickets immediately. From how to get tickets to when to see a show, here’s your ultimate guide to Secret Cinema.

Secret Cinema presents Grease: The Live Experience

Grease is the word! Sing and dance your way around Rydell High in this immersive tribute to the musical classic. Whether you walk around the corridors with the Pink Ladies, watch the T-Birds at work, or cheer on the bandstand, you'll leave with a pep in your step.

Grease: The Live Experience is at Birmingham's NEC from 26 July to 13 Aug. 2023. Get Secret Cinema presents Grease: The Live Experience tickets on London Theatre.

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What is Secret Cinema?

Secret Cinema is a London-based cinema and immersive theatre producer. They blend a variety of performance styles to create a unique theatrical experience. The company formed in 2007 as a counterpart to Future Cinema, a cinema company that screened films without releasing the title to audiences beforehand.

Secret Cinema events utilise previously unused venues to create immersive spaces for their shows. They're gigantic and all-encompassing areas and unlike anything else. Many Secret Cinema shows take place throughout the year — bookmark this page to stay updated on the latest events.

Secret Cinema Grease - 750 - LT

Where is Secret Cinema playing?

All Secret Cinema events play at a secret location only revealed to ticketholders nearer the performance time. Previous Secret Cinema events have taken place in central London and across the city. For the first time in the company's history, Secret Cinema will produce Grease at the Birmingham NEC.

Secret Cinema Grease - 750 - LT

How long is Secret Cinema?

All Secret Cinema events have a different duration as they include the film and an immersive experience rolled into one. Typically, Secret Cinema events last for at least four hours, so it’s definitely an event you'll want to plan an entire day around.

Secret Cinema Grease - 750 - LT

History of Secret Cinema shows

To date, there's been over 70 Secret Cinema shows. The first event — organised by Future Cinema — was a 400-person screening of the 1947 film, Money Can Buy. The event's tagline was “Tell No One,” and encouraged people to keep the secrets. Here’s some of the Secret Cinema shows produced in London in recent years.

2008: Ghostbusters
2009: Alien
2010: Lawrence of Arabia
2011: The Battle of Algiers
2012: The Shawshank Redemption
2013: Casablanca 2014: The Grand Budapest Hotel
2014: Miller’s Crossing
2014: Back to the Future
2015: Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
2016: 28 Days Later
2017: Moulin Rouge!
2018: Blade Runner: The Final Cut
2018: Romeo and Juliet
2019: Casino Royale
2019: Stranger Things - Find out more about Secret Cinema presents Stranger Things.
2022: Bridgerton, Dirty Dancing, Guardians of the Galaxy

How to get Secret Cinema tickets

Secret Cinema tickets sell out quickly! They’re popular events and you won’t want to miss out. Book tickets now and make sure you’re a part of the coolest events in the country.

Grease: The Live Experience is at Birmingham's NEC from 26 July to 13 Aug. 2023. Get Secret Cinema presents Grease: The Live Experience tickets on London Theatre.

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