Everything you need to know about 'The Little Big Things'

From how to get The Little Big Things tickets to when to see the musical in London, here’s your ultimate guide to the show. The Little Big Things is at Soho Place.

Kate Riley
Kate Riley

It’s the little big things that stay on your mind, and this new British musical will certainly cement itself in your thoughts long after you leave the theatre. The Little Big Things is currently playing at Soho Place.

The Little Big Things is based on the Sunday Times bestseller of the same name and follows Henry Fraser, a teenager becomes paralysed from the shoulders down after a diving accident. The musical is an inspirational story about the love and support of family, the connections made with those around you, and how people can adapt to new realities and ways of life.

Here’s your ultimate guide to The Little Big Things in London. Book The Little Big Things tickets on London Theatre today.

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What is The Little Big Things about?

Adapted from Henry Fraser's bestselling memoir, the story unfolds during a 2009 holiday to Portugal with teenage Henry and his brothers. Tragedy strikes when a diving mishap leaves him with a damaged spinal cord. Faced with newfound paralysis, Discovering his talent for mouth painting, he embarks on an artistic career, all while embracing life's "little big things" with determination and resilience, alongside the support of his family.

In a four-star review on London Theatre, our critic said: “A big heart drives every moment of The Little Big Things, the new British musical that has arrived at Soho Place. This year-old venue’s first musical, the show puts disability movingly and unapologetically centre stage in a venue whose commitment to accessibility and outreach is everywhere evident.”

Where is The Little Big Things playing?

The Little Big Things is playing at Soho Place in London's West End, with previews starting on September 2, 2023. Soho Place is the West End’s newest theatre and offers an exciting and versatile space for this new musical.

How long is The Little Big Things?

The Little Big Things has a running time of 2 hours 20 minutes, including one interval. Typically, matinee performances of The Little Big Things run from 2:30pm to 4:40pm, and evening performances run from 7:30pm to 9:40pm.

What days is The Little Big Things playing?

The Little Big Things has eight performances a week. Matinee performances take place on Thursday and Saturday. Evening performances take place daily from Monday to Saturday. For the complete performance schedule and show times, visit The Little Big Things page on London Theatre.

The Little Big Things songs

The Little Big Things has a pop-inspired score with music and lyrics by Nick Butcher and lyrics by Tom Ling. Butcher has previously been a finalist in the Stiles & Drewe Best New Song Competition and is one of the most exciting young contemporary theatre composers in the UK. The Little Big Things is set to release a cast recording, with some songs already available to listen to.

Act 1:

  • "Prologue"
  • "Never Coming Home"
  • "Feel Like This"
  • "One to Seventeen"
  • "Work of Heart"
  • "Part of the Plan"
  • "Uma Vida"
  • "Why"
  • "Don’t Wanna Have To"
  • "The World is Waiting"

Act 2:

  • "Entr’acte"
  • "What I Need"
  • "Silence of the Sea"
  • "Things We Shouldn’t Do"
  • "Sympathy"
  • "Miles and Miles"
  • "Guide You"
  • "One To Seventeen (Reprise)"
  • "The Little Big Things"

The Little Big Things characters

The musical revolves around the Fraser family and their individual experiences as they come to terms with how a tragedy has reshaped the lives they once knew. Read on to learn more about the main characters you will see on stage in The Little Big Things in London.

Henry Fraser: Henry Fraser’s story takes centre stage in this musical, chronicling his inspiring journey from a tragic diving accident to becoming a successful artist and author with a bestselling memoir. Two different actors bring the character to life, one pre-accident and one post-accident.

Fran Fraser: Henry’s determined mother, Fran, supports her son's rehabilitation and is the loudest voice, reassuring her son that, despite his accident, he can still do anything he sets his heart to.

Andrew Fraser: Henry’s father is the person who first supports Henry’s artistic endeavours, helping his son look forward to his future and the endless possibilities ahead of him.

The musical also features Henry's three brothers Tom, Will, and Dom, as well as NHS staff and friends from school who supported his recovery.

The Little Big Things West End cast

The cast features Ed Larkin and Jonny Amies as Henry Fraser, Linzi Hateley as Fran Fraser, Alasdair Harvey as Andrew Fraser, Jordan Benjamin as Dom, Rebecca Bowden as Surgeon, Jamie Chatterton as Tom, Gracie McGonigal as Katie, Tom Oliver as Marco, Malinda Parris as Dr Graham, Cleve September as Will, Amy Trigg as Agnes, Stephen John Davis, Elena Pitsiaeli, George Salmon, Amy West, and Joseph Wolff.

How to get The Little Big Things tickets

You won’t want to miss one of the best new British musicals to grace the West End stage in years. Book your tickets for The Little Big Things now to avoid missing out.

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Photo credit: The Little Big Things cast (Photo courtesy of production)

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