Photo credit: The Prince of Egypt cast (Photo by Tristram Kenton)

Everything you need to know about ‘The Prince of Egypt’ in London

Sophie Thomas
Sophie Thomas

"Deliver Us" to the Dominion Theatre, as the world premiere production of The Prince of Egypt enchants its audiences. Since it opened in February 2020, theatregoers have been wowed by this musical of epic proportions, breathing life into the DreamWorks animation.

Based on the story as told in the Book of Exodus, The Prince of Egypt follows Moses as he frees his people from persecution. It's not just a religious musical though, there's musical theatre hits including "When You Believe", popularised by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey.

Here's our complete guide to the West End production of The Prince of Egypt, with The Prince of Egypt tickets available on

What is The Prince of Egypt about?

Moses and Ramses are raised as brothers, but their family lineages couldn't be any more different. Ramses lives in a kingdom of privilege and luxury, later becoming the Pharaoh. Moses comes from a line of Jewish slaves, later freeing his true people to change the course of history. The Prince of Egypt aims to celebrate the power of belief and individual spirit, as well as the joy of humanity.

Is The Prince of Egypt based on a previously told story?

The Prince of Egypt  retells and dramatizes the incredible story of Moses, first told in the Old Testament's Book of Exodus.

When did The Prince of Egypt premiere?

The first musical performance of The Prince of Egypt was staged at California's Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts in October 2017. After performances in Copenhagen and Utah, the West End premiere of The Prince of Egypt began previews at the Dominion Theatre on 5 February, with an opening night on 25 Feb. 2020. Peformances were forced to stop from 16 Mar. 2020, in line with Coronavirus guidance at the time.

Who wrote The Prince of Egypt?

The musical is written by Philip LaZebnik, a Hollywood screenwriter and playwright who wrote The Prince of Egypt screenplay, as well as Pocahontas and Mulan.

Music and lyrics are by Stephen Schwartz, who previously worked on the DreamWorks film. Stephen Schwartz is best known as the composer of the globally successful musical Wicked, as well as for his songwriting collaborations with Alan Menken on the Disney films Enchanted, Pocahontas and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. He is the winner of three Academy Awards, four Grammy Awards and a Golden Globe.

Who is in The Prince of Egypt cast in London?

Casting for the West End premiere of The Prince of Egypt includes Luke Brady as Moses. Liam Tamne plays Ramses, with Alexia Khadime as Miriam and Christine Allado as Tzipporah. Joe Dixon plays Seti, with  Debbie Kurup as Queen Tuya, Adam Pearce as Hotep, Tanisha Spring as Nefertari, Silas Wyatt-Barke as Aaron and Mercedesz Csampai as Yocheved.

The adult cast is completed by Simbi Akande, Casey Al-Shaqsy, Joe Atkinson, Danny Becker, Felipe Bejarano, Pàje Campbell, Adam Filipe, Soophia Foroughi, Natalie Green, Jack Harrison-Cooper, Rachael Ireson, Kalene Jeans, Christian Knight, Jessica Lee, Oliver Lidert, Jay Marsh, Scott Maurice, Carly Miles, Sam Oladeinde, Alice Readie, Christopher Short, Ricardo Walker, Danny Williams, Niko Wirachman and Sasha Woodward.

The children's cast is completed by Mia Lakha, Iman Pabani, Hannah Selk, Leo Babet, Jonah Collier and Taylor Jenkins.

What theatre in London is The Prince of Egypt playing at?

The Prince of Egypt is at the Dominion Theatre. Previous shows at the Dominion Theatre include White Christmas, Big and We Will Rock You.

What is the running time of The Prince of Egypt?

The running time of The Prince of Egypt in London is 2 hours and 40 minutes. During the show, there is a 20 minute interval.

What songs are in The Prince of Egypt?

Stand-out songs in The Prince of Egypt include "Deliver Us" and "Through Heaven's Eyes", both performed in the DreamWorks animation. There's also the Grammy Award-winning song "When You Believe" now sung on stage. Here's all the songs in The Prince of Egypt:

Act 1

"Deliver Us" - Yocheved, Queen Tuya, Young Miriam and Company
"Faster" - Moses, Ramses, Hotep and Company
"One Weak Link" - Seti
"Footprints on the Sand" - Moses
"Seti's Return" - Company
"Dance to the Day" - Tzipporah
"All I Ever Wanted" - Miriam, Moses, Yocheved, Seti and Queen Tuya
"Make It Right" - Ramses and Moses
"Moses in the Desert" - Moses and Company
"Through Heaven's Eyes" - Jethro and Company
"Faster (Reprise)" - Ramses and Moses
"Never in a Million Years" - Tzipporah and Moses
"Act I Finale: Deliver Us (Reprise) / All I Ever Wanted (Reprise)" - Hotep, Ramses, Nefertari, Queen Tuya, Moses, Jethro and Company

Act 2

"Return to Egypt" - Tzipporah, Hotep and Company
"Always On Your Side" - Ramses and Moses
"Simcha" - Moses, Miriam, Tzipporah and Company
"Deliver Us (Reprise II)" - Aaron and Company
"The Plagues" - Moses, Hotep, Ramses, Nefertari, Miriam, Queen Tuya, Aaron and Company
"For the Rest of My Life" - Moses
"Heartless" - Nefertari
"When You Believe" - Miriam, Tzipporah, Moses and Company
"Never in a Million Years (Reprise)" - Tzipporah and Moses
"Act II Finale: When You Believe (Reprise) / Footprints on the Sand (Reprise)" - Miriam Moses, Yocheved, Tzipporah, Seti, Queen Tuya, Jethro, Aaron, Company 

What are reviews like for The Prince of Egypt in London?

Critics praised the musical's vibrant take, lifting the spirits of audience members. In a review for, Mark Shenton said: "there's moments of spectacle, like the parting of the Red Sea and then its rushing in again over the Egyptian soldiers who are chasing the Hebrews towards their Promised Land... [as well as] athletic choreography."

The Guardian's Arifa Akbar praised the dancing too, saying: "The Prince of Egypt is at its strongest as a dance production with beautiful visual formations through bodywork when chariots, wells or rolling desert sands are created by groups of dancers. It is in Sean Cheesman's astonishing choreography that this musical feels at its most alive."

What are some fun facts about The Prince of Egypt?

Workshops originally started for The Prince of Egypt in 2015.

The Prince of Egypt original cast recording featuring the London cast was nominated for a Grammy Award.

How do I get tickets for The Prince of Egypt in London?

The Prince of Egypt is at the Dominion Theatre from 1 July, with socially distanced performances from 1 July - 4 September.

The Prince of Egypt then reopens for full audiences at the Dominion Theatre from 6 September. 

The Prince of Egypt tickets are on sale now.

Photo credit: The Prince of Egypt cast (Photo by Tristram Kenton)

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