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Here’s why you must attend Secret Cinema in London

From Dirty Dancing to Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Secret Cinema turns iconic films into must-attend, unforgettable experiences.

Have you ever wanted to live inside your favourite movie or TV show? What would it be like to spend an evening with the characters – or even as one of the characters? Enter Secret Cinema, your ultimate chance to experience the most iconic films and series like you’ve never seen them.

So what is Secret Cinema, you ask? Part-immersive theatre, part-theme party, part-movie screening, Secret Cinema brings stories to life in a whole new way with a one-of-a-kind event, where you enter the universe of some of the most-famous films ever made.

Next up, you can escape to the Catskills at Kellerman’s Resort for the time of your life at Secret Cinema: Dirty Dancing. Nobody puts baby – or you – in the corner, and you’ll dance the night away, watermelon in tow. But camp is only open for a limited time, so make sure to get tickets for July 13-31.

After that, you can prepare to board Quill’s ship, the Milano, for an adventure to Xandar where you can become a member of the gang for Secret Cinema x Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy, from August 31. It will be very groot.

Need more convincing? We didn’t think so. But in case you’re curious about what to expect, here’s what makes Secret Cinema the most exclusive and must-see experience in London.

Book tickets to Secret Cinema: Dirty Dancing on London Theatre.

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Book tickets to Secret Cinema x Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy on London Theatre.

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Secret Cinema holds secret surprises.

And that’s part of the fun! You won’t know where you’re going for the Secret Cinema event until you arrive. There’s typically a meeting point, but you and your fellow attendees will be escorted by someone to the undisclosed location. It’s like a speakeasy – but for theatre.

Secret Cinema is the best reason to dress up.

Everyone loves a costume party, right? And not just on Halloween. Whether you want to wear something small – maybe some cat-eye sunglasses or pedal pushers for Dirty Dancing – or you want to go all out and paint your face green to be like Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy, there’s a look for everybody. Even if dressing up isn’t your thing, you can still choose a thematic colour to wear or find the perfect accessory. Secret Cinema even offers merch, so you can fit the theme however works for you.

You get to watch your favourite films.

Who says the cinema is dying? A communal watching experience is the best way to appreciate good films, and getting to see the movie with a room full of fans dressed up for the occasion? Well, that just makes it all that much better.

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Secret Cinema is so much more than just the movie.

From actors playing characters to thematic food and drink to a fully outfitted secret location built to look like the film set, there is so much more to a Secret Cinema event than watching a movie (though that part is really great too).

Secret Cinema has an impressive track record.

You’ve probably heard about Secret Cinema’s incredible events – from the bohemian fever dream for Moulin Rouge! to the shaken-not-stirred masterpiece for Casino Royale to a credible DeLorean for Back to the Future to the Queen’s ball for Bridgerton. Every event is unique and fully immersive.

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You’re a part of the event.

Secret Cinema cannot happen without its audience, because as partygoers, campers, guardians, bohemians or whatever world you’re entering, you are literally a character in the story. So go explore and create your own narrative. What’s your character’s backstory? Who are you in this world? Most of all, just enjoy yourself. It’s an experience you’ll remember forever.

Book tickets to Secret Cinema: Dirty Dancing on London Theatre.

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Book tickets to Secret Cinema x Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy on London Theatre.

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