Here's why you need to enter a new world at 'Secret Cinema: Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy'

Live out your superhero fantasies at Secret Cinema's latest London event.

Sophie Thomas
Sophie Thomas

Everyone wishes they could be a film superhero. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to save the day, be a worldwide hero, and have fun at the same time? In Secret Cinema’s latest experience, stand alongside your favourite Marvel superheroes and live in a new dimension at Secret Cinema x Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

Since 2014, we’ve watched the Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy characters in their alternate universes. There’s the Star-Lord Peter Quill, Gamora and Nebula, Drax the Destroyer, Rocket the Raccoon, and of course, the tree-like character Groot (who can forget Groot?)

For years, we’ve watched the Guardians of the Galaxy travel through the cosmos to protect the multiverse. And now, in this Secret Cinema offering, you can be a Ravager. Search for riches and fame throughout the multiverse and be a champion.

After an evening jumping through worlds, we can report back that travelling through multiple galaxies is a lot of fun! Here’s why you need to take part in Secret Cinema x Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy in London. We’re keeping some secrets in our pockets though, so in order to discover everything, you’ll have to book tickets.

Book Secret Cinema x Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy tickets on London Theatre.

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Be crowned the ultimate clan of the galaxies

Once you’ve bought your Secret Cinema Guardians of the Galaxy tickets, you’ll be asked to sign up ahead of your visit. We recommend signing up as soon as possible, as it’ll provide you with all the information you need ahead of visiting: location, entry time, and most importantly, your clan.

During the event, you’ll be earning units for your clan in the hopes of becoming the overall winner and earning the title of the “ultimate clan.” There’s six clans to choose from: the Astral Queens, the Atomic Dreamers, the Cosmic Seekers, the Dark Star Bandits, the Flaming Raiders, and the Galactic Spanners. When selecting your clan, you can decide to be in the same clan as your fellow Ravagers, or you can dare to all go it alone and fight it out during the event!

Once you’ve signed up for the event and got your Ravager name, then you can learn important facts before visiting. You’ll want to study these facts, as they could help you earn units. After all, you only need to win by one unit, so every unit is crucial.

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Dress like a Ravager

If you're attending any Secret Cinema event, then wearing an outfit that nods the film's theme is crucial to unlocking the full experience.

You don't have to dress up for you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in. You can turn up in a t-shirt and jeans, or you can go full-out in extravagant fancy dress or cosplay attire. However, to really get into the spirit of a Secret Cinema show, we recommend dressing up.

Once you’ve signed up and picked your clan, you’ll see a clan lookbook that could inspire your Secret Cinema outfit. You can choose to order official merchandise in your clan colours ahead of your visit, or you can make your own outfit. There’s nothing too big at Secret Cinema, so wear whatever you want!

As you’re walking around the worlds, you’ll see Ravagers dressed up in their team colours, so you can spot who you’re working alongside — or against. With everyone dressing up in similar outfits, there’s a real camaraderie throughout the whole event. And when you’re travelling to the Secret Cinema experience, you might be able to spot a fellow Ravager.

Jump through time and space

From the moment you step into the immersive experience, you’re in a new world. At first, you’ll be in Contraxia, as seen in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Watch out for the frequent snowstorms on this cold and icy planet.

Just like the film, there’s plenty of bright lights and brothels in Contraxia, notably the Neon Lotus nightclub where the disco dancing and party games continue all night long.

Once you’ve visited Contraxia, jump through to the second planet, Knowhere. In Knowhere, you’ll trade, barter and hustle your goods in order to earn units for your team and rule supreme. Watch out for the prison guards though, you don’t want to be trapped in the Kyln.

As well as the planets, there’s also plenty of fun activities to get involved with. Have a professional picture taken and upload your mission antics to the world on social media. Get decked out with Contraxia's coolest accessory — a neon-paint tattoo in your clan colours (for reference, I had a bright green eye tattoo adorned on me for the entire evening.)

There’s a lot to explore in two hours. Don’t worry if you don’t see everything though, you’ll just have to plan a repeat visit and book more Secret Cinema tickets for another trip to Contraxia.

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Earn units for your team

During the two-hour immersive section of the event, you’ll be able to earn units for your team by taking part in a variety of challenges. Whether that’s getting in the Ravager ring and taking part in a dance-off, sharing information to the Nova Corps, or striking it lucky in a game of "Play Your Cards Right," there's plenty of ways to earn units for your clan.

Some activities are small-stakes with the opportunity to collect 2,000 units at a time. There's a few high-stake moments hidden throughout the experience, offering Ravagers the chance to obtain up to 50,000 units.

Winning units is key to unlocking the fun of Secret Cinema x Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Sure, you could stand around and watch from the sidelines, but to really feel like a part of the film, you’ll want to step away from the walls and get involved. Once you've greeted your fellow clan members, we guarantee you’ll be walking away with newfound friends.

Trade your records in for units

Here's where Secret Cinema x Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy gets interesting. The units you collect from your treasure trove of CDs and casettes could make the difference between winning and losing. Confused? We'll explain.

Part of the Guardians of the Galaxy film fun is listening to the chart-topping music. After all, the Star-Lord Peter Quill plays his mixtapes on repeat throughout the movies. As you’re walking around the event, listen out for the Guardians of the Galaxy film favourites: sing along to “Mr. Blue Sky,” and chant along to the “Hooked on a Feeling” opener.

It’s not just 1980s music in this Secret Cinema experience though. Bring along your old cassettes and CDs and trade them in in order to pocket units for your team.

During the event, you may be asked to sing songs from the albums, so get your vocal cords ready! If your cassettes and CDs are deemed worthy, then you’ll be invited to head on over to the trading bank and earn your all-important units. For reference, singing Diana Ross’s “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” triumphed over the Scissor Sisters’s “Take Your Mama.”

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Watch out for the action-packed finale

Like all great Marvel films, Secret Cinema x Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy ends with a spectacular finale. Towards the end of the two hours, head over to Knowhere for the final minutes of your immersive experience to witness the flips, kicks, and thrills as the Guardians of the Galaxy prove themselves once and for all. In the sequence, the Guardians of the Galaxy get their hands on the all-important Embers of Genesis (and yes, the Secret Cinema actors look like the film stars.)

To maximise the experience, we recommend standing near the raised walkway for a closer view. But you’ll need to have eyes everywhere to spot what’s going on between all the characters.

Time flies by when you’re a Ravager

Sadly, you can’t stay in Contraxia and Knowhere forever. You have to return to Earth at some point. The Secret Cinema x Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy immersive section clocks in at just over two hours. As you’re walking around, the screens have timers on them so you can see how long is left. Clan leaders may also tell you to head to certain locations at precise times, so these clocks are a great way to keep on the ball and make the most out of your experience.

If you’ve booked a Secret Cinema x Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy immersive and film ticket, you’ll then watch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in a giant screening room complete with a stunning LED-light display that accentuates the film's key moments.

What are you waiting for? Journey to Contraxia and Knowhere and spend more time in Marvel-lous worlds.

A live Secret Cinema experience with an optional screening of Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 | 18+, 12+ selected matinees | © 2022 MARVEL Photo by: Luke Dyson, @lukedyson,

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