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‘Magic Mike Live’ tickets available through July 2023

The Channing Tatum film comes to life in London.

Sophie Thomas
Sophie Thomas

Step into Club Domina at Magic Mike Live via London's Hippodrome Casino. Magic Mike Live tickets are now available to 2 Jul. 2023. Book Magic Mike Live tickets on London Theatre.

Based on the hit Magic Mike movies, Magic Mike Live allows audiences to step inside Club Domina, a nightclub filled with shirtless dancers that allows people to lose their inhibitions. The third Magic Mike film, Magic Mike’s Last Dance, will be released in autumn 2022.

Magic Mike Live stars Sarah Annakin, Daniel Blessing, Natacza Boon, Jake Brewer, Harry Carter, Hannah Cleeve, Peter Cleverley, Joel Ekperigin, Petr Fedorovskii, Luca Figarazzi, Myles Harper, Charlie Knight, Mark Lace, Theo O. Bailey, James Percy, Ross Sands, Josie Scamell and Manny Tsakanika. Check out our four-star review of Magic Mike Live in London.

Channing Tatum and Alison Faulk co-direct Magic Mike Live, with production design by Rachel O'Toole, scenic design by Rob Bissinger and Anita LaScala (Arda Studio), costume design by Marina Toybina and lighting design by Philip Gladwell.

Magic Mike Live is at the Hippodrome Casino.

Book Magic Mike Live tickets on London Theatre.

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Photo credit: Magic Mike Live (Photo courtesy of production)

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