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The top 'Only Fools and Horses' television moments on stage

Sophie Thomas
Sophie Thomas

Only Fools and Horses was one of the greatest 20th-century sitcoms aired on British screens. The lovable comedy followed the Trotter brothers in London, who'll sell anything in the hopes of becoming rich. First broadcast in 1981, the sitcom ran for seven series over a decade, and was watched by millions nationwide. Now, theatregoers can reunite with Del Boy and Rodney Trotter again in Only Fools and Horses: The Musical, as the garish Reliant Robin is parked in the West End. 

The Only Fools and Horses musical includes all of the iconic characters, including Del Boy, Rodney, Cassandra, Grandad and Trigger. There's a new story for Only Fools and Horses musical, which sees Del Boy wanting to fall in love, as well as Rodney and Cassandra planning their upcoming nuptials. It's a continuation of the television series, with all the on-screen moments thrown in for good measure.

Best bits of Only Fools and Horses on television

Before seeing Only Fools and Horses on stage, take a trip down memory lane and see all the best bits from the television series. With so many incredible moments to choose from, we may not have selected your favourite. But rest assured, we're certain these clips will make you laugh, put a smile on your face, and have you heading down to the Theatre Royal Haymarket to see Only Fools and Horses in London.

Only Fools and Horses is at Theatre Royal Haymarket.

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"My name is Rodney"

In this Only Fools and Horses scene, Rodney is waiting for the Local Tenants Association meeting to get going. While waiting, his friend Trigger walks in and they strike up a conversation, but Trigger keeps calling Rodney Dave. Rodney has enough with Trigger calling him Dave, telling him "I've looked it up on my passport and everything. It's definitely Rodney". The pair can't get their heads around a name and a nickname, to which Rodney says: "You're the only one who calls me Dave, everybody else calls me Rodney - and the reason they call me Rodney, is because Rodney is my name."

Trigger finally calls him Rodney, but when it's time to nominate a new vice-chairman of the association, Trigger knows when to call him Rodney and not Dave! 

"Look after your broom"

Throughout this Only Fools and Horses moment, one thing is very clear. Trigger is very proud of his broom. But he's not the only one who is impressed by his tools. While talking in a café, Trigger shares with Del Boy and Rodney about his road sweeper broom that he's had for 20 years and how he received a medal for saving the council money. Talking about what it takes to keep a broom pristine, he later mentions that the broom's had 17 new heads and 14 new handles. Cue the looks of despair from the gang, and the inevitable question: "How the hell can it be the same broom then?"

"Batman and Robin"

Only Fools and Horses fans will remember the first time they saw the well-known duo run onto their screens in fancy dress. In the same episode as the broom antics (we told you there's a lot of funny moments), Rodney and Del Boy dress up as Batman and Robin for a fancy dress party. But nothing is quite as it seems in Only Fools and Horses, and the fancy dress is actually a funeral wake. Yikes!

When their trusty Reliant Robin packs up in the middle of town, the lads decide to run to the party. Running through the back alleys, they find their local councillor being mugged, but the guys' presence makes the criminals run away. Batman and Robin appearing from the shadows is just a moment of TV gold.

"I am not naturally bald"

When Del Boy meets old friend Jumbo in this Only Fools and Horses moment, he realises the fake Australian doesn't have luscious hair. In fact, he's actually bald and wears a wig to cover it! Talk about a hairy moment...

Trying to hide his lack of hair, Jumbo tries to convince the Trotters that he isn't bald and that his hair will grow back. But you can't have a honest, deep conversation when the Trotters are about. Taking the mickey is what the Trotters do best. This scene is a rib-tickler for all things hair, with comments made about Jumbo's suspiciously wide parting. 

"Kitchen, kettle and bird"

This scene is an excellent example of advising viewers how not to behave in the kitchen. So much so that Rodney accidentally leaving the kettle on is the least of their worries. Keeping the kettle on the gas, the kitchen fills up with steam and leaving the kitchen with a giant hole in the wall. Condensed walls and alarms going off build up to the big moment when Grandad realises they've killed their pet canary. Arguments fly between the trio in a kitchen that's clearly seen better days. Whatever you could expect to go wrong, multiply the number of mishaps tenfold.

"Inflatable dolls"

In this Only Fools and Horses scene from series six in 1989, there's strange noises that keep getting louder and louder in the living room. Could it be Uncle Albert? Is it Del Boy or Rodney? The squeaking sound from behind the sofa is an inflatable doll that Del had received. Poking out from the back of the sofa like a ghost, those eerie sounds of the self-inflating plastic lady will stay in the mind of Only Fools and Horses fans forever. 


In the 1996 Only Fools and Horses Christmas special, audiences join the Trotters in the middle of an auction. After discovering an antique watch in their garage, Del Boy and Rodney can't believe their luck when it sells for over £6 million. The boys have finally achieved their dreams and they've become millionaires. Causing Rodney to faint, it takes the boys a while to fully appreciate just how much money they've landed in. Sitting in their Reliant Robin outside Sotheby's, their lives changes with this remarkable sum. 

"The chandelier"

The chandelier scene is one of the most famous moments in the series. In 1982, Only Fools and Horses audiences watched Del Boy, Rodney and Grandad enter the chandelier cleaning business — a very risky choice indeed. On their first appointment, they get everything ready to dispose of the expensive ornament, but it's never straightforward for the Trotters. Seeing a chandelier smash has had audiences laughing ever since it was first aired. The scene could only be filmed once as the chandelier cost £6,000, so the entire episode rode on this one take.

"Falling through the bar"

A priceless Only Fools and Horses moment here from 1989. In this scene Trigger and Del Boy are unsuccessfully catching the ladies attention in a trendy wine bar. Talking to each other and building up their confidence, the boys don't go un-noticed by the woman. They're noticed even more when Del Boy falls through the bar! Falling to the floor, his chances of going home with any woman also end up on the floor and Del Boy just wants the ground to suck him in.

Photo credit: Only Fools and Horses (Photo courtesy of Only Fools and Horses)

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