"Phantom of the Opera" now taking bookings to 1 April 2006

"Phantom of the Opera" now taking bookings to 1 April 2006

Phantom of the Opera announce new 5 month booking period covering performances from 31 Oct 2005 to 1 April 2006 at Her Majesty's theatre.

Phantom of the Opera has been playing in London since 1986, and celebrated its 18th birthday in London on 9 Oct 2004.

The cast currently includes: Earl Carpenter (The Phantom) , Richard Hazell (Monsier Firmin) , Sam Hiller (Monsieur Andre), Heather Jackson (Madame Giry), Rohan Tickell (Piangi), Rachel Barrell (Christine) Celia Graham will play 'Christine at certain performances) , Oliver Thornton (Raoul), Sally Harrison (Carlotta), Heidi O'Brien (Meg)

Worldwide Phantom of the Opera has grossed over £1.6 billion. The box office revenues are higher than any film or stage play in history, including "Titanic", "ET" and "Star Wars". It has been seen in 110 cities in 20 countries and played to over 58 million people.

Directed by Harold Prince, it has music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyrics by Charles Hart .

'This haunting musical traces the tragic love story of a beautiful opera singer and a young composer shamed by his physical appearance into a shadowy existence beneath the majestic Opera Paris House.'

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