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Take a first look at 'Wishmas,' London’s newest Christmas attraction

The new production transforms a venue in Waterloo into The Old Bauble Factory, where attendees go on a festive journey to discover how wishes come true.

Gillian Russo
Gillian Russo

Your wish has been granted! Wishmas has released new photos, providing a first look into the new show's festive Christmastime world. Wishmas runs at The Old Bauble Factory, Waterloo through 7 January only.

Wishmas is an immersive Christmas production where audiences discover how wishes are received, kept, and granted. They meet all kinds of characters including Father Christmas and the Wishmas Robins, and help them make sure no Christmas wishes get forgotten.

Wishmas also includes a holiday market with drinks, treats, and other festive activities on offer.

Peek into the world of Wishmas with these photos, and book tickets to enter the experience for yourself.

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Photo credit: Wishmas. (Photos by Matt Crockett)

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