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Photo credit: Elliot Liburd and Safeena Ladha (Photos courtesy of The Great Gatsby)

'The Great Gatsby’ announces new leading cast members

New actors will take on the roles of Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan.

Sophie Thomas
Sophie Thomas

New cast members will join The Great Gatsby in London from 9 March. The Great Gatsby is London's longest-running immersive production, and The Great Gatsby is currently running to 30 October. The Great Gatsby tickets are on sale now.

Elliot Liburd will take over the role of Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby. He's joined by Safeena Ladha as Daisy Buchanan. 

"I'm really excited to explore the character of Gatsby, he is all at once mysterious and readable, vulnerable and authoritative." said Liburd. Meanwhile, Ladha said about her new role: "I am delighted to be playing Daisy. I think she might be seen by some as just "the golden girl or the love interest" sort of character but I think she is more complex and real than just that ideal." 

The Great Gatsby casting includes Hugh Stubbins as Nick Carraway, Steve McCourt as George Wilson, Jessica Hern as Jordan Baker, Alex Wingfield as Tom Buchanan, Aimee Barrett as Myrtle Wilson, Greg Fossard as Rosy Rosenthal, Sophia Lewis as Lucille, and Euan Wilson as Joey.

Set in 1920s New York, The Great Gatsby follows the lives of wealthy New Yorkers as they congregate at one of Jay Gatsby's infamous parties. The Great Gatsby show is based on the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel of the same name. In keeping with the production's immersive qualities, audiences are encouraged to dress as though they're involved in the show. Find out more about immersive theatre in London.

Alexander Wrights leads The Great Gatsby adaptation and direction, alongside choreography by Holly Beasley-Garrigan, design by Casey Jay Andrews, costume design by Heledd Rees, sound design by Phil Grainger and lighting design by Rachel Sampley.

The Great Gatsby is at Immersive London.

The Great Gatsby tickets are on sale now.

Photo credit: Elliot Liburd and Safeena Ladha (Photos courtesy of The Great Gatsby)

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