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‘The West’ tickets available through December 2022

The immersive Western show continues in London.

Sophie Thomas
Sophie Thomas

Imagine you’re starring in a Western movie at COLAB Theatre’s immersive experience, The West. The West continues performances to 16 December. Book The West tickets on London Theatre.

The West blends escape room games with immersive theatre in a wild west setting. During the two and a half hour experience, audiences can learn cowboy tricks, rob banks, and take on missions to save the town.

Bertie Watkins, Ben Chamberlain, Charlotte Potter and Company co-write The West, with Watkins directing. The six-person cast features Chris Keegan, Owen Jenkins, Grace Dunne, Sam Skoog, Liam Fleming, and Alex Walton.

The West Black Friday tickets are also available. Check out all the immersive shows in London with Black Friday tickets, including Punchdrunk: The Burnt City, Peaky Blinders: The Rise, and The Great Gatsby.

The West is at COLAB Theatre.

Book The West tickets on London Theatre.

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Photo credit: The West (Photo courtesy of production)

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