What to expect at 'Wishmas' in London

Wishmas: A Fantastical Christmas Adventure is a new and unique immersive family-friendly experience in London for a limited time only this Christmas season.

Kate Riley
Kate Riley

The weather outside may be frightful, but inside The Old Bauble Factory it’s delightful. If you’re looking for an exciting festive event to take the whole family to this winter, look no further than Wishmas. The new immersive experience is in London for a limited eight-week period this Christmas.

Your magical journey begins at a hidden-away venue underneath Waterloo Station, The Old Bauble Factory. From the moment you walk through the doors, twinkly Christmas lights, jingly sleigh bells, and the sweet aroma of chocolate will greet you as you embark upon an adventure to save Christmas wishes.

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What is the story of Wishmas?

Wishmas is brought to life by an incredible group of live actors portraying ‘Wishkeepers’. With the help of the Wishmas Robins, the Wishkeeper’s job is to ensure every wish is safely transported and delivered to Father Christmas. See some of the Robins hard at work and join them on a journey through the skies.

Boarding the Wishmas Train feels much like any regular train you would travel on, but this one has a magical secret — it can fly! The train gives the feeling of movement with special effects and impressive window screens provided by LG's OLED and T-OLED. Watch a fantastic sequence through the windows with amazing views as you fly over London, past the iconic London Eye, and up above the clouds, where you will get a front-row view of the Northern Lights.

As things take a dramatic turn, you and your group will work together to save Christmas and ensure no wish gets left behind. With a hint of magic and a cheery little song, you might even see some snow as you help all the wishes arrive safely at their destination.

What to expect inside The Old Bauble Factory

Every room is well-themed and thought-out by the creative team, led by creative director Elgiva Field. Impressive lighting designs, sound effects, and Christmas-scented rooms will tingle your senses.

Even the waiting areas between the rooms have intricate details, so there’s always something to enjoy. One hallway, in particular, had signs to some interesting rooms, which included a Sleigh Depot, a Mince Pie Bakery, and a Beard Spa.

Along the journey, your group will get involved with some interactive tasks where everyone can do their part to help locate and save the lost wishes. At the end of your journey, all ticket holders will see Father Christmas as part of the show and enjoy the Wishmas Market before they leave. What are the different Wishmas experiences?

When the main story is over, everyone will get to explore the Wishmas Market, where you can purchase snacks and drinks, including products from premium partners Fortnum & Mason and Pip Organic.

Your journey continues if you have the Full Wishmas experience or a Meet & Greet ticket. The latter will receive a private audience with Father Christmas, have their photo taken with him, and receive a special gift to take home (both for adults and children!).

Meet & Greet and Full Wishmas Experience ticket holders can create their own bauble (after all, it is The Old Bauble Factory), where you can seal your own Christmas wish inside. It is a wonderful souvenir to take home and hang on your Christmas tree.

Who can enjoy Wishmas?

Wishmas is a festive family adventure brought to life by the minds behind Secret Cinema, with immersive aspects and an engaging story that is recommended for children 10 and under and anyone who believes in the magic of Christmas. The venue is fully accessible to ensure everyone can enjoy the show. You won’t want to miss this exciting new immersive experience, which will surely be a seasonal favourite.

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Photo credit: Wishmas. (Photos by Matt Crockett)

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