Saturday, 4 January, 1997

This show was to be shown at the Edinburgh Festival last year, but because of technical problems it was cancelled. After seeing the show tonight you can see why!

Lasting one and a half hours, you are treated to a Hamlet with a difference, and not being a great Shakespeare fan myself, I think I enjoyed this version the best.

Lepage uses video animation to great effect combined with a very versatile set which is used very cleverly. This spectacular show is full of original ideas and visual effects, the likes I have not seen in theatre before. With the complexity of it all I was sure something was going to go wrong , but it didn’t. Lepage didn’t put a foot wrong and his timing and energy was magnificent. Credit must also go to the technicians in the background in getting all this complex machinery working perfectly.

Lepage would never make a great Shakespearean actor, but he more than makes up for this with his energetic passion and the stunning special effects. This is a Hamlet well worth seeing.

(Darren Dalglish)

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