Love The Sinner

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"Topical, tender-hearted, fascinating and flawed. At times, it gives the impression of drifting out of focus, but that is because it is so alert to the ramifying consequences and intractability of the problems it tackles. It says a lot for Matthew Dunster's production that you remain anxious, throughout, to know what will happen next."
Paul Taylor for The Independent

"On the face of it, Pautz is interested in how the Church deals with homosexuality. Is the cause of Anglican tolerance being held back by other, less progressive groups? Really, though, Pautz’s concern is the essential human politics of control and responsibility.The trouble is, his characters lack complexity. Credibility is repeatedly stretched. Structurally, the play is uncomfortably episodic, and in straining for several forms of topical significance it lacks the clear focus needed in order to be genuinely provoking"
Henry Hitchings's for The Evening Standard

"Pautz’s dialogue is deft, though his debt to elliptical Pinter rather too obvious, but his plot sometimes seems implausible."
Benedict Nightingale for The Times

"While Pautz's play is entertaining and well acted, it is also muddled, substituting rhetorical gesture for real argument."
Michael Billington for The Guardian

"This is one of those moral-dilemma plays that challenge you to think about what you would do in similar circumstances, and it makes for an exciting and stimulating evening."
Aleks Sierz for The Stage

"'Love the Sinner' is as much about denial and responsibility as it is about the contradictions of contemporary Christianity. Less than the sum of intriguing parts, its passages of truly dramatic writing highlight Pautz as a talent on the rise."
David Benedict for Variety

" Pautz fails to get inside the heart and soul of his central character...What this play calls for is a big scene between Michael and his wife in which they confront the issue of his bisexuality, and how it affects both their relationship and their Christian faith."
Charles Spencer for The Daily Telegraph

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