Marc Salem's Mind Games

As everyone knows it's not what you say but how you say it that has real impact. Apparently only 7% of communication is conveyed through the spoken word itself; body language and intonation are far more informative indicators of intent. Most of us blithely ignore such signals, but for Marc Salem they are the tools of his trade as his mind-blowing show returns to wow London.

Both psychologist and entertainer, Salem has harnessed the power of the mind to an often astonishing degree and performs a variety of mental feats that defy easy explanation. It's easy to be sceptical in advance but once you're witnessing his skill up close it's fascinating stuff. Salem never claims to be a magician or to be performing the impossible; the wonder comes from seeing the potential of just what the mind, when rigorously trained, can manage.

Opening the show with a numerical exercise to 'warm up' his mind, Salem proceeds over the next ninety minutes to demonstrate the extraordinary versatility and mental agility that leaves one often gawping with wonder. Drawing volunteers from the audience and making everyone feel fully involved with a nice line in easy patter, his feats range from the predictable: guessing random numbers, identifying the liar in a group, to the truly remarkable- like the occasion when, blindfolded, he not only guesses that someone is holding a leather wallet under his hand but proceeds to identify the expiry date on an enclosed travelcard. Go and be amazed!

(Amanda Hodges)

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