Salad Days

Saturday, 18 May, 1996

The musical is very dated in my opinion, it seemed more suitable for young children than adults. I did not like the music except for a couple of numbers , the rest of the songs were very lightweight. The sets were ok and so was the acting and singing, but I found the story too weak to sustain two and a half hours. The audience seemed to like it though, I guess it just wasn't my cup of tea. Frankly it was all a bit silly really!

(Darren Dalglish)

I didn't know what to aspect of "Salad Days". I was curious about it so I finally went to see it. Finally, for I have seen this musical listed in theatre guides on and off for years! It proved to be a bit of a disappointment.

"Salad Days" is a nice, uncomplicated little musical, which is weighed down by a poor story and cheap humour. Although the audience loved it, a man in travestie with enormous breasts or a poofy fashion designer just isn't my cup of tea. This is a nice show to see when you go out on the town with family or friends and you just want to have fun. But compared with shows like "A Little Night Music", "Miss Saigon" or "Passion" this seems to be childish. The dancing and singing is great, though, and the people on stage are really having a ball. They sparkle with enthusiasm and that is always nice to see.

(Marie-Jet Eckebus)

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