The Physicists

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"Jack Thorne's new version, is rivetingly entertaining...while it keeps you on enjoyable tenterhooks, the moral debate between the three scientists is both long-delayed and, when it finally comes, conducted in generalities...Even if this sometimes seems a scientific play with very little science, it is directed with immense verve by Josie Rourke."
Michael Billington for The Guardian

"Dürrenmatt takes on scientific integrity, notions of duty, nihilism, the question of what people should do with their genius. The results are complex yet not consistently absorbing."
Henry Hitchings for The Evening Standard

"Josie Rourke’s stylish revival lacks that necessary heat, that sense of urgency, and while it remains an intriguing piece, taken out of context the play can feel heavy-handed."
Natasha Tripney for The Stage

"Never quite finds its satirical mark."
Patrick Marmion for The Daily Mail

"The play could seem a clever, and now rather dated series of conceits and plot-twists that lead to a stand-off that is a barmy parody of Cold War espionage and mutually assured destruction. But Rourke's achievement is to warm the proceedings with Heffernan's brilliant performance and to ensure that the dotty drolleries retain their sharp political edge. Recommended."
Paul Taylor for The Independent

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