The White Devil Review 1997

Tuesday, 4 February, 1997

Nothing new here. This is your typical tragedy with a complex set of events with lots of murders and betrayals in the name of lust! A type of play we have seen so many times before, a lot like Shakespeare, where everyone gives long speeches before dying and the story always seems to last an awfully long time.

I have to admit I do not like these sort of plays , but then I’m not a great Shakespeare fan either. I do keep going to Shakespeare plays in a hope that he may grow on me, but I saw Henry IV the other day and hated it. You’ll notice I never review his plays, I certainly am not qualified to do so! This Webster play is very much like watching a Shakespearean tragedy.

I may not like the story, but the acting is superb from the RSC. There is a lot of passion and hard work gone into the roles to make them convincing and lively. It is hard to pick out the best performances as all were competent.

(Darren Dalglish)

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