Violin Time

Saturday, 12 October, 1996

What the show consisted of were stories told by Campbell of varies events and journeys, taking us from Stamford Hill, Pyreness, Newfoundland and Vietnam. Largely I think the stories are based on true experiences, however I'm not too sure on this. It is nevertheless a very funny and thought provoking show.

The violin came into the story when he was talking about Newfoundland , and how he met someone who told him that if he writes down on a piece of paper everything he wanted in a woman and then put the paper away somewhere where he would forget about it, in his case the top of the wardrobe, then eventually he would meet this girl. One of the things he written on the paper was that the girl could play the violin. In time he did meet a girl that could play the violin as well as being everything else he had written on the paper. He also went on about the dangers of this and what the consequences could be.

Another story was about a woman whose husband had been told by a fortune teller that he would be murdered by his wife when he was 45. When Campbell asked the woman what effect this had on her husband she responded by saying "he has become very annoying lately"!!

A young Vietnam girl called Thieu-Hoa Vuong who played the violin joined in the dialogue a little after the interval.

The show lasts two and half hours with one interval of fifteen minutes and Campbell talked non stop for virtually the whole show , so much so that by the end his voice was beginning to irritate me. I feel the show went on a little too long. It is very hard to keep someone's attention for such a great length of time. This is probably why I enjoyed the first half of the show best. It was breathtakingly funny, but in the second half it started to get a little tired.

(Darren Dalglish)

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