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Only Fools and Horses - The Musical
Only Fools and Horses - The Musical  Tickets

Only Fools and Horses - The Musical Tickets

1 Oct 2021 - 29 Apr 2023
Join Del Boy, Rodney, and Grandad in the West End knees-up. Viva Hooky Street!

Only Fools and Horses - The Musical Information

We’re all gonna be millionaires! Feel pukka with the Trotters of Peckham in this hit British musical. Don't miss Only Fools and Horses in London before it closes on 29 April.

First broadcast on BBC in 1981, Only Fools and Horses quickly became a landmark British comedy show. David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst played the lovable but daft Peckham brothers: Derek ‘Del Boy’ Trotter and Rodney Trotter. Over the seven series, they tried to get rich quick with a number of schemes devised through their company, Trotters Independent Trading Co. Their yellow three-wheeler Reliant Regal is a motoring icon and can be spotted on the odd road across Britain if you’re lucky…

Only Fools and Horses contained some of British comedy’s funniest gags: Del Boy’s iconic fall through the bar sketch, the brothers’ run through the streets dressed as Batman and Robin, or any scene involving their friend Trigger, to name a few. The Only Fools and Horses musical brings these skits to life, with plenty of new material for the Trotters to sink their teeth into. Check out the top moments in Only Fools and Horses.

What is the Only Fools and Horses musical about?

Grow old with the Only Fools and Horses gang at Mandela House and beyond. The story revolves around Del Boy looking for love, Rodney preparing for his marriage to Cassandra, and Grandad taking stock on his life. The musical celebrates the best of Cockney London life, and puts these legendary characters onto the West End stage for the very first time, lovely jubbly!

Who wrote the Only Fools and Horses musical?

Paul Whitehouse and John Sullivan co-wrote the original stories used in the Only Fools and Horses musical. There’s also original music by Paul Whitehouse and Jim Sullivan, with additional music by John Sullivan and Chas Hodges (of Chas & Dave, who wrote the original theme tune).

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Run time

2 hours 40 minutes

Opening date

October 1st, 2021

Closing date

April 29th, 2023

Booking until

April 29th, 2023



Cast and creative

By: John Sullivan and Paul Whitehouse
Songs by: Paul Whitehouse and Jim Sullivan, additional music by John Sullivan & Chas Hodges
Director: Caroline Jay Ranger
Cast list: Tom Bennett, Ryan Hutton, Paul Whitehouse, Ashleigh Gray, Nicola Munns, Craig Berry, Lee VG, Adrian Irvine, Danny Bayne, Andrew Bryant, Christopher Arkeston, Marion Campbell, Wesley Charles, Leanne Garretty, Ian Gareth Jones, Chris Kiely, Danny Lane, Andy Mace, Melanie Marshall, Gemma McLean, Darry Paul, Mark Pearce
Design: Liz Ascroft
Lighting: Richard G Jones
Costume: Liz Ascroft
Choreography: Denise Ranger
Sound: Rory Madden

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Only Fools and Horses was one of the greatest 20th-century sitcoms aired on British screens. The lovable comedy followed the Trotter brothers in London, who'll sell anything in the hopes of becoming rich. First broadcast in 1981, the sitcom ran for seven series over a decade, and was watched by millions nationwide. Now, theatregoers can reunite with Del Boy and Rodney Trotter again in Only Fools and Horses: The Musical, as the garish Reliant Robin is parked in the West End. The Only Fools and...