Faustus: That Damned Woman

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Lyric Hammersmith Theatre, Lyric Square
Faustus: That Damned Woman
Lyric Hammersmith Theatre, Lyric Square
Our Review 2 / 5

"My name is Johanna Faustus. I was born almost four hundred years ago.
I gave my soul to achieve the impossible.
I watched this city grow sick and I swore to heal it.
I might be damned, but I would save the world to spite the Devil.”

Award-winning playwright Chris Bush reimagines the Faust myth to explore what we must sacrifice to achieve greatness, and the legacy that we leave behind.

Caroline Byrne directs this radical new work in which the iconic character of Faustus becomes a woman who makes the ultimate sacrifice in order to traverse centuries and change the course of history.

Previews from |
22nd January 2020
Opening date |
28th January 2020
Booking from |
22nd February 2020
Available until |
22nd February 2020
Closes |
22nd February 2020
Run time |
2 hours 20 minutes
Categories |
Chris Bush
Caroline Byrne
Richard Howell
Giles Thomas
Ana Inés Jabares-Pita
Shelley Maxwell
Line Bech
Cast list:
Jodie McNee, Danny Lee Wynter, Barnaby Power, Emmanuella Cole, Katherine Carlton, Tim Samuels, Alicia Charles

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Lyric Hammersmith Theatre, King Street, Lyric Square, London, W6 0QL
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Our Review of Faustus: That Damned Woman


London is already awash with major re-workings of classic texts, whether nudged into contemporary verse and attitude (Cyrano de Bergerac at the Playhouse), modern dress and language (Uncle Vanya at the Harold Pinter) or undergoing wholesale cultural re-orientation (Three Sisters at the National, relocated to Nigeria). Read more

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