Gary Beadle and Jasper Britton

Gary Beadle and Jasper Britton: "The Sunset Limited asks questions about belief and faith"

Sophie Thomas
Sophie Thomas

The lives of two men who find themselves together on a subway platform are the sole characters in Cormac McCarthy's 2006 play The Sunset Limited. After a world premiere in 2006 and a subsequent film adaptation in 2011 starring Samuel L. Jackson, Terry Johnson directs the play's London premiere at the Boulevard Theatre.

Opening tonight at the Soho venue, we spoke with The Sunset Limited co-stars Gary Beadle and Jasper Britton about the big questions asked in the show, performing at the Boulevard and what they could talk about forever.

The Sunset Limited is at the Boulevard Theatre to 29th February.

The Sunset Limited tickets are available now.

What is The Sunset Limited about?

Gary Beadle: The Sunset Limited discusses a preacher who intervenes in the attempted suicide of a nihilistic professor one morning on the subway. A raging, comical debate later ensues about education and religion.

Jasper Britton: It's a collision of minds. It's a professor and a preacher getting at the core of what 'life' is, whether there's a God.

GB: The play asks questions about belief and faith. Is it wrong to know too much too fast...

Are there any moments to look out for in The Sunset Limited

JB: To me, the whole play is one big moment. The way the discussion grows and develops keeps it engaging throughout.

GB: Cormac Mccarthy has created a piece of theatre that's brilliantly written. There's rapid back and forth delivery of dialogue between the two actors that you'll just want to keep watching.

After watching The Sunset Limited, what are you hoping that audience members take away with them?

GB: I'm hoping our audiences see that there's plenty of thought-provoking debates to be had about some of life's biggest questions. And there's lots of laughter in life too!

The Sunset Limited will be the first play to be performed at the newly-opened Boulevard Theatre. Are you looking forward to performing at the Soho venue? 

GB: Absolutely. I'm so proud to be part of the very first season at the Boulevard!

JB: It's the same for me. I love performing on this stage. 

If you could answer any question on one topic, what would that topic be?

GB: Who we are. Why we are. And where we're all going to go. The meaning of life fascinates me!

JB: Pond yachts.

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