A triple bill by Roger Goldsmith at Barons Court Theatre

A triple bill by Roger Goldsmith, at the Barons Court Theatre, a 60-seat fringe venue in Kensington, west London, from 9 to 13 April 2013.

Brotherly Love – Daniel told his younger sister Becky he would never love anyone like her. Ever. As they get older Daniel’s love increases and becomes increasingly unhealthy.

Counting The Days – Fran only told Zoe her school friend a week ago that she was pregnant. And that she was having a relationship with an older man, Len, Zoe’s Dad. The truths of the family’s conflicts are explored as they wait for news from the hospital following Fran’s attempted suicide.

Blackout – Rob meets Cheryl in a pub and brings her home. Rob’s grandad sits talking to himself and listening to the news on the radio. What’s he talking about? And what does it all mean? And will Cheryl’s decision to stay the night with Rob or not be a fateful one?

Cast includes Erin Wilgrove, Joe Doherty, Samantha Ritchie, Bryan Hands, Patric Howe.

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