"Abigail's Party" transfers to New Ambassadors

"Abigail's Party" transfers to New Ambassadors

It is now confirmed that Abigail's Party by Mike Leigh, which is currently playing at the Hampstead theatre, will transfer to the West End at the New Ambassadors from 3 Dec 02. (Booking is now open!).

Twenty-five years ago Hampstead Theatre gave Mike Leigh a locked rehearsal room, five actors and six weeks to develop a play. The result? Abigail's Party. The play has been revived by the Hampstead theatre where it has played 10 July - 28 Sep 02 & 14 Oct - 9 Nov 02. The show transfers to the New Ambassadors Theatre on 3 Dec 02 where it will run to 5 Apr 03.

The play features Elizabeth Berrington, Rosie Cavaliero, Wendy Nottingham, Steffan Rhodri, Jeremy Swift.

It is directed by David Grindley, designed by Jonathan Fensom, with lighting by Jason Taylor.

It's the year of the Queen's Silver Jubilee: the Sex Pistols are gearing up to blow Donna Summer and Demis Roussos out of the charts forever, while the suburbs are awash with the new money and social aspiration which would sweep the Conservatives into power for the next twenty years...

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