Acorn Antiques extends to 21 May 2005

Acorn Antiques extends to 21 May 2005

Victoria Wood's new musical comedy Acorn Antiques, has extended another 4 weeks to 21 May 2005.

The show opened at the Haymarket theatre 10 Feb 2005, following previews from 27 Jan .

It is based on the Acorn Antiques characters that appeared as a spoof soap-opera in her television series, As Seen on TV.

The show features Julie Walters (Tuesday to Saturday evenings and Saturday matinees only),Victoria Wood (Monday evenings and Wednesday matinees only), Celia Imrie, Duncan Preston, Josie Lawrence, Neil Morrisey, Sally Ann Triplett .

It is directed by Trevor Nunn, designed by Lez Brotherston, lighting by Andrew Bridge, choreography by Stephen Mear, costumes by Stephen Brimson-Lewis. It is produced by Phil McIntyre Entertainments.

We begin in a small theatre in Sutton Coldfield, where director John is hoping to rehearse his new work, a bleak uncompromising look at life in modern Britain. In an attempt to lure the middle classes into the the show, he has called it Acorn Antiques, and engaged some of the original cast of the axed TV soap to play their own parts. When BO arrives, happily clutching her unopened script, she is appalled at the tone of the piece and has an idea to shoe horn in some lovely number from a musical she was in, in 1957. When the hapless cast find their dress rehearsal is in fact public, they have no choice but to carry on with the show. In the midst of the ensuing chaos, a stroke of luck allows Bo to realise her dream, to have a 'proper' musical written about the doings of Manchesterford's favourite antique shop. And so the second half of the show, is BO's West End production as commissioned by her, set in the shop, with lots of lovely singing and dancing, and with a whacking great part for her.

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