Almeida announce Autumn/Winter Season

Almeida announce Autumn/Winter Season

The Almeida Theatre has announced its Autumn/Winter Season: Kicking a Dead Horse by Sam Shepard (5 to 20 Sep); Waste by Harley Granville Barker (25 Sep to 15 Nov); In a Dark Dark House by Neil LaBute. (20 Nov 2008 to 17 Jan 2009).

Public Booking opens 9 June 2008.

Kicking a Dead Horse, written and directed by Sam Shepard, plays for 16 performances, opening 10 Sep 2008, following previews from 5 Sep - running to 20 Sep 2008. Produced by The Abbey Theatre, Dublin, designed by Brien Vahey, lighting by John Comiskey , costumes by Joan Bergin. Starring: Stephen Rea. The story of Hobart Struther, a wealthy Manhattan art dealer, who has ditched his shiny city life in search of authenticity in the modern-day wild west.

Waste, by Harley Granville Barker, opens 2 Oct 2008, following previews from 25 Sep- running to 15 Nov 2008. Directed by Samuel West. Radical independent politician Henry Trebell is persuaded to join the Conservative Party in order to champion his Bill to Disestablish the Church of England and to use its funds to finance a vast education programme. But a liaison with a married woman, who dies after aborting their child, brings private scandal into the political arena.

In a Dark Dark House, by Neil LaBute, opens 27 Nov 2008, following previews from 20 Nov - running to 17 Jan 2009. Directed by Michael Attenborough, designed by Lez Brotherston, lighting by Howard Harrison. Two brothers brought together as one undergoes court-ordered rehab. The forced reunion brings to light barely-hidden animosities between the two and their troubled legacy, both inside and outside their dark family home.

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