Almeida Announce Spring/Summer Productions

Almeida Announce Spring/Summer Productions

The Almeida Theatre has announced two productions for their 2007 Spring/Summer Season

Public Booking opens 4 Dec 2006

Dying For It
Moira Buffini’s new free adaptation of Nikolai Erdman’s satirical comedy The Suicide
Opens 15 March 2007, following previews from 8 March - running to 28 April 2007
Directed by Kathy Burke, designed by Lez Brotherston, lighting by Paul Keogan.
Dying For It centres on Semyon, unemployed, living in the hallway and watching his wife Masha slave all the hours God sends. When his last hope to earn a crust and gain some self-respect disappears, he decides to take his own life. Word gets out of his intention and he finds himself inundated with visitors begging him to die on their behalf. On the night he is to shoot himself they hold a party, at which point events spiral to a glorious climax.
****Erdman’s The Suicide, written in 1928 five years after Stalin took control of the Soviet Union's Communist Party, was an early example of an artistic work coming under the increasingly unforgiving gaze of the Stalinist censor. The play was banned in 1932, before it had even been performed in public - it was not seen in the Soviet Union until 1982.

Big White Fog
by Theodore Ward.
Opens 17 May 2007, following previews from 11 May- running to 30 June 2007
Directed by Michael Attenboroug, designed by Jonathan Fensom, lighting by Tim Mitchell, sound by John Leonard
Big White Fog is set in Chicago between 1922 and 1933 and follows the journey of members of the Mason family and the pursuit of their own ideological beliefs, as they steer a course through post WW1 racism and the Great Depression. Supported by wife Ella, Vic’s loyalty is to Marcus Garvey’s separatist Back to Africa campaign, while his brother-in-law Dan is committed to the American Dream, believing that the black community can prosper and succeed within the system.

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