Alternative by Trent Burton at the Etcetera Theatre

Trunkman Productions presents in association with The Nightingale Collaboration presents Alternative, by Trent Burton at Etcetera Theatre, a fringe venue in camden, north London, 4 & 5 Aug 2011, as part of the Camden Fringe Festival, and then returns to the Etcetera Theatre for a run from 13 to 18 Sep 2011.

Directed by Melinda Burton, cast includes David Swain, Adam Bambrough, Claire Amias, Gigi Burgdorf , Anna Black.

What do you do when you're unwell? Go to the doctor, right? So what happens when the doctors aren't helping? When they tell you they don't know what's wrong with you? That you have the strangest set of symptoms they've ever seen? That your test results look like David Lynch directed them. What then? ‘Alternative’ follows Will on his long, painful and frustrating journey to finding an answer. Stuck between a doctor new to the job, a nagging girlfriend, an infatuated fellow patient and a meddling homeopath sister, it's a battle on all fronts, and it is up to Will to decide who to trust, and at what cost.

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