American Bytes Back - 7, ten minute plays at Lost Theatre

Liminal Space Productions presents American Bytes Back, seven, ten minute plays that reflect the diversity of American life, at the Lost Theatre, in Lambeth, south west London, from 10 to 14 Aug 2010, as part of the First London Fringe Festival.

Directed by Prav Menon-Johansson, cast includes Louise Houghton, Chris Mitchell, Michael James-Cox , Catriona Toop

In two plays by Steve Bergman audiences can witness the tragic tale of an abandoned childhood toy in ROSIE, THE TEDDY BEAR and the expectations and excitements surrounding two recent graduates in MARVIN AND JULIUS – the twist being that Marvin and Julius are in fact two guinea pigs.

The world of rented boyfriends is also explored in Mark Harvey Levine’s play THE RENTAL where the birthday girl has just one day to enjoy her unusual gift and LA 8 AM where life can take unexpected turns.

In Peter Snoad’s plays - a teenager explains the environmental benefits of killing her own father in THE GREENING OF BRIDGET KELLY, and MY NAME IS ART where the title character reveals himself in all his glory.

FATE by Elizabeth Horsburgh explores the possibilities of talking to strangers.

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