Anastasia by Walking Thoughts at Pushkin Hs from 16 Dec

Walking Thoughts presents Anastasia, by Marcelle Maurette, adaptation by Kate Sellers & Andrei Vironov, at Pushkin House, Centre for Russian Culture, in Holborn from 16 Dec 2009 to 9 Jan 2010.

Directed by Kate Sellers, and starring Eileen Nicholas, Andrew Byron, Ilona Bou Habib, Jed Aukin, James Lomax, Katy Dower, Lizeth Ribo, Morris Perry, Paul Croft, Thomas Garvey, Julian Caddy, Alix Middleton.

Set in early 20th century Berlin, 10 years after the murder of the Tsar and his family. Rumours have begun to circulate amongst the Russian exiles that one of the Tsar's children is still alive. Riding this wave of hope, three businessmen plot to gain access to the Tsar's millions by passing off a disturbed girl as the lost princess Anastasia. All they have to do is fool the Tsar's mother.

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