Assembly Point's The Overcoat at Brockley Jack 19 Jan

Assembly Point Productions presents The Overcoat, by Nikolai Gogol, adapted by Howard Colyer, at the Brockley Jack Theatre, a fringe venue in south London, from 16 to 29 Jan 2011.

Directed by Eero Suojanen.

Tells the tale of Akaky Bashmachkin - a penniless, aging clerk in an unknown government department of St. Petersburg – who realizes his precious, shabby old coat will not last the winter. He has no option but to tighten his belt to afford a new one. But when his beautiful, immaculately tailored overcoat is finally ready, then his life seems suddenly filled with purpose - while out on the streets wretched souls are desperately yearning for the all encompassing warmth of his overcoat.

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