At Swim Two Boys at Riverside Studios.

At Swim Two Boys, created and directed by Jim Ennis and Jessica Cohen based on the novel by Jamie O’Neill, and produced by Earthfall, is at the Riverside Studios, Hammersmith, from 07 Feb - 25 Feb 2012.

Featuring two male dancers and two musicians, the story unfolds against a cascading wall of water that slowly fills the stage.

Cast includes Daniel Connor, Murilo Leite D’Imperio with musicians Frank Naughton, Sion Orgon.

Set in Ireland in 1916, the work juxtaposes the developing love affair between two young men coming of age, with political turmoil in Ireland and the slaughter on the Western Front – contrasting the dream of national liberation and the search for personal freedom. The production comes to life in a slowly filling lake in front of a wall of water, with episodes from the book woven together through a fusion of extreme physicality, original live music and film.

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