Ayckbourn's "Damsels in Distress" extends to 11 Jan 03

Ayckbourn's "Damsels in Distress" extends to 11 Jan 03

Alan Ayckbourn's trilogy of plays Damsels in Distress, has been extended by 6 weeks at the Duchess Theatre to 11 Jan 03 .

The trilogy received fair notices from the popular press when it opened in September 02: THE DAILY TELEGRAPH says, "This wonderful company ensures you are never bored for a moment. I'd warmly recommend the complete trilogy, but if you can manage only one, make it RolePlay. THE GUARDIAN says, "The trilogy also proves that Ayckbourn, aside from being a matchless comic observer, is also a great director of actors " THE EVENING STANDARD says, "This comedy-of-lack-of-manners is too caricatured for overall satisfaction, in a day where an old dog performs both ancient and new tricks with varying success." TIME OUT says, "The action is always superbly paced...The trouble is that the drama is so painfully short of substance"

The plays are directed by Alan Ayckbourn, designed by Roger Glossop with lighting by Mick Hughes.

Although entirely separate plays, these three new comedies have been specifically written to be performed by the same cast.

(Performed Mon - Sat Eves, Thurs Mat)
An introductory supper for the parents-in-law to be. An important occasion with the fine planning in order. But no-one has allowed for the arrival of the desperate Paige Petite who literally drops in from the upstairs flat - hotly pursued by the menacing Micky Rale.

(Performed Sat mornings)
A night of romance in a luxurious riverside apartment with a good looking stranger. How can it possibly go wrong for Joanna? But the flat’s not hers, her name isn’t Joanna and heaven knows what the stranger is after.

(Performed Sat afternoons)
Lynette’s business collapses and her husband disappears. She finds herself a single parent with a bleak future. But her teenage daughter tries a last-ditch attempt to save them both. Will her desperate game plan plunge them into deeper trouble?

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